Participle II has but one form which can express both an action simultaneous with the action expressed by the finite form, and prior to it, but it more often expresses a prior action.

The editorial office of all newspaper published in London are in Fleet street.
Редакции всех газет, издаваемых в Лондоне, находятся на Флит-стрит.

I have read all the novels written by Jack London.
Я прочитал все романы, написанные Джеком Лондоном.

So Participle II has no tense distinctions but it has voice distinctions - it is usually passive in its meaning.

However, there are cases where we can hardly speak of a passive meaning: a drunk man, a retied officer (отставной офицер), a drowned man (утопленник), a faded leaf (увядший лист), etc.

The functions of Participle II are the same as those of Participle I - the attribute and the adverbial modifier.

  • Participle II as an attribute

    She collected all the pictures taken during their honey-moon and put them in an album.
    Она собрала все фотографии, сделанные во время их медового месяца, и сложила их в альбом.

    Participle II in this function can be preceded by the preposition as.

    This substance as described by the American scientists has a very complicated structure.
    Это вещество, как описано американскими учеными, имеет очень сложную структуру.

  • Participle II in the function of an adverbial modifier.

    • Participle II can be used as an adverbial modifier of time.

      It is often preceded by the conjunction when here.

      When questioned she would not answer.
      Когда ее спросили, она упорно не желала отвечать.

      The conjunction until also occurs here.

      The letter will stay here until called for.
      Письмо останется здесь, пока за ним не обратятся.

    • Participle II can be used as an adverbial modifier of comparison with the conjunctions as if, as though.

      The trees were silent as if cut of marble.
      Деревья стояли в тишине, как будто высеченные из камня.

    • Participle II can be used as an adverbial modifier of condition often with the conjunction if.

      If treated carefully this substance is not dangerous for the experimenter.
      Если с этим веществом обращаться осторожно, оно не опасно для экспериментатора.

      The conjunction unless also occurs here (in the meaning of если не, разве что).

      I'll tell them nothing unless asked.
      Я не скажу им ничего, если меня не спросят.

    • Participle II can be used as an adverbial modifier of concession with the conjunctions though, although.

      Though crushed she was no broken.
      Хотя ей был нанесен тяжелый удар, она не была сломлена.

  • Participle II can be used as a predicative.

    I was very surprised hearing this.
    Я был очень удивлен, услышав это.

    He was determined to win this contest.
    Он был полон решимости выиграть этот конкурс.

  • Participle II can be used in the Objective Participial construction.

    When used in Objective Participial construction Participle II performs the function of part of a complex object.

    I saw him admitted into the room.
    Я видел, как его пустили в комнату.