• The Nominative Absolute Participial construction

    The weather being cold the children stayed at home.
    Так как погода была холодной, дети остались дома.

    The sun having set they made a fire.
    Когда зашло солнце, они развели костер.

    The weather permitting we'll go to the country tomorrow.
    Если погода позволит, поедем завтра загород.

    He left the room the dog following him.
    Он покинул комнату; собака последовала за ним.

    The Nominative Absolute Participial is a construction in which the Participle is in predicate relation to a noun in the Common case or a pronoun in the Nominative case which is not the subject of the sentence.

    This construction performs the function of an adverbial modifier of cause, time, condition or attendant circumstances.

  • The Prepositional Absolute Participial construction

    It is formed of the previous construction by adding the preposition with at the beginning.

    They walked in the park, with John smoking his pipe.
    Они гуляли в парке, при этом Джон курил трубку.

    With the number of refugees increasing, Great Britain will soon face a serious of over population.
    Если количество беженцев будет увеличиваться, Великобритания скоро столкнется с проблемой перенаселения.

  • The Nominative Absolute construction

    It is formed of the Nominative Absolute Participial construction by omitting the participle of the verb to be.

    He set at the fire-place, his favorite German Shepherd at his feet.
    Он сидел у камина, при этом у его ног лежала его любимая немецкая овчарка.

  • The prepositional Absolute construction

    It is a combination of models 2 and 3.

    With two thousand miners out, no ton coal was produced yesterday.
    Поскольку вчера бастовало 2000 шахтеров, не было добыто ни одной тонны угля.