• Besides the Past Indefinite and the Past Perfect, the Past Continues and the Past Perfect Continues can occur in the subordinate clause of conditional sentences in the Subjunctive mood.

    If he had not been driving for ten years, he would certainly have met with an accident.
    Если бы он не водил машину уже десять лет, он, конечно, попал бы в аварию.

    If it were not raining, we could go to the country now.
    Если бы сейчас не было дождя, мы могли бы поехать загород.

    Note: When the Past Continues is used the first part of it has the form were (the Past Subjunctive of the verb to be).

  • Besides the Indefinite Infinitive and the Perfect Infinitive, the Continues Infinitive and the Perfect Continues Infinitive can occur in the principal clause in conditional sentences in the Subjunctive mood.

    If I had not agreed to help her, I should be sitting quietly at home in front of the TV set now and thinking about nothing.
    Если бы я не согласилась помочь ей, я бы сейчас спокойно сидела дома перед телевизором и ни о чем не думала.

    If you had listened to my advice, you would have been speaking English for a long time and could get a more interesting job.
    Если бы ты послушался моего совета, ты бы уже давно говорил по английски и мог бы получить более интересную работу.

  • The forms of the Subjunctive mood used in the subordinate clause to show that the action is unlikely to take place can be used with the Imperative mood or the Indicative mood in the principal clause.

    Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us.
    Если у вас вдруг возникнут вопросы, не стесняйтесь задавать их нам.

    Should I meet him, I'll tell him about your request.
    Если вдруг я его встречу, я передам ему вашу просьбу.