The Present Perfect is not used in the following cases:

  • With the verb to say in cases like:

    - What did you say?
    - Что ты сказал?

    - I did not hear what you said.
    - Я не слышал, что ты сказал.

  • With the verb to buy in cases like:

    Where did you buy this watch?
    Где ты купил эти часы?

  • With the verbs of speaking in cases like:

    Somebody told me...
    Кто-то сказал...

  • When to hear is used in the meaning of to know (to have information) it is usually used in the Present Indefinite.

    I hear that you have a lot of English books.
    Я знаю, что у тебя есть много книг на английском.


    I've heard this news.
    Я слышал эту новость.

    I hear that your brother has got married.
    Я слышал, что твой брат женился.

  • When to forget is used in the meaning of not to remember it is usually used in the Present (Past) Indefinite. But when to forget is connected with some action (e.g. to call) the Present Perfect is used.

    I forget his telephone number.
    Я забыл его телефон.


    I have forgotten to call him.
    Я забыл позвонить ему.

  • One should be very careful in using the Present Perfect with verbs and expressions denoting not actions but states - to know, to be tired, to be ill, to be ready, etc.

    I already know about it.
    Я уже знаю об этом.

    I am already tired.
    Я уже устал.

    Dinner is ready.
    Обед готов.


    - I haven't seen you for ages. Where have you been all this time?
    - Я не видел тебя целую вечность. Где ты был все это время?

    - I've been ill (I've been to Switzerland).
    - Я болел (Я был в Швейцарии).

  • With the adverbs of late and lately the Present Perfect is used if the action finished and the Present Perfect Continuous if it is still going on.

    I have seen several interesting films lately.
    В последнее время я посмотрел много интересных фильмов.

    I have been losing it lately.
    В последнее время я схожу с ума.