• The Present Continuous is used to denote an action in progress going on at the present moment.

    We are having a lesson.
    У нас урок.

    Note: One should bear in mind that the notion the present moment can be regarded wider than the moment of speech.

    I am reading a very interesting detective story.
    Я читаю очень интересный детектив.

  • The Present Continuous can be also used to denote continual processes.

    The Earth is rotating.
    Земля вращается.

  • The Present Continuous can be used emphatically instead of the Present Indefinite to denote a customary repeated action in the present when the speaker wants to represent it as a continual process showing his emotional attitude to this action (usually negative).

    They are always quarrelling.
    Они постоянно ссорятся.

  • The Present Continuous is often used in adverbial clauses of time introduced by the conjunction while.

    Watch TV while I am making coffee.
    Посмотри телевизор, пока я делаю кофе.

  • The Present Continuous can be used to denote a future action that will take place in the near future and is regarded as fixed.

    We are going to the country tomorrow.
    Мы завтра собираемся загород.