• The Future Continuous is used to denote an action in progress going on at a definite moment in the future. This definite moment can be expressed in to ways, - either by an adverbial phrase with the preposition at or by another action in the Present Indefinite.

    I'll be waiting for you at the entrance to the metro-station at six o'clock tomorrow.
    Я буду ждать тебя у входа в метро завтра в шесть часов.

    When you come back, we'll be sleeping already.
    Когда ты придешь, я уже буду спать.

  • The Future Continuous can be used emphatically instead of the Future Indefinite to denote a simple action in the future or a customary repeated action in the future if the speaker wants to show his resolution to perform an action or his assurance that an action will take place.

    I'll be calling you within the next few days.
    Я обязательно позвоню тебе на днях.

    I'll be seeing you tomorrow.
    Обязательно увидимся завтра.

    I'll be calling you every day.
    Я буду названивать тебе каждый день.

  • The Future Continuous can be used to denote a future action whose duration is limited by a certain event (or period of time) like a party, a business trip, a weekend, etc.

    - Are you going to the concert tonight?
    - Yes. Why?
    - What will you be wearing?

    - Ты идешь вечером на концерт?
    - Да, а что?
    - Что ты собираешься надеть?

    - What will you be doing at the weekend?
    - I'll be preparing for my test.

    - Что ты собираешься делать в выходные?
    - Я буду готовиться к контрольной.

    This model is very close to to be going + to-infinitive (see The Future Indefinite tense).